• Utah Wing IG Position Change
  • Greetings,

    I want to take this opportunity to publicly thank Maj Kevin Forbes for his expertise, time and efforts that he has put into getting the Utah Wing's IG program working so well. When he took over the position, there were many issues in the Wing, and many changes in the program that needed to be implemented.

    Yesterday, he accepted the Region IG position. So, although he is not assigned to the Utah Wing anymore, his responsibilities have grown but continue to include the Utah Wing.

    Today we have selected Lt Col. Eric Weeks as the Utah Wing IG.

    Many candidates including Capt Weeks applied for the position, and after interviews and much discussion a selection committee felt that Eric will be able to continue to run the Wing IG program, and to continue to improve and implement the IG program within CAP to ensure that we are in compliance with our regulations, and support our members if they have a concern about the program.

    Thank you again to both Maj Forbes and Lt Col Weeks for their willingness to take on challenging positions in CAP!

  • Col Jonathan Niedfeldt, CAP
    Utah Wing Commander
  • Utah Wing Director of Aerospace Eduction Opening
  • Greetings,

    We are looking for any individual(s) who would like to be involved in the Aerospace Education program for the Utah Wing of the Civil Air Patrol.

    AE is a very important part of our program and provides a lot of opportunities to our cadets and members.

    Anyone wanting additional information about this position, please feel free to contact me so we can discuss what it entails.

    I look forward to any interested party's response!
    Thank you all for your time, effort, and expertise that you all give the Utah Wing, CAP, and it's members!

  • Maj Brian Cowan, CAP
    Utah Wing Chief of Staff
  • Professional Development courses
  • Please sign up for the course applicable to your progression in the CAP professional development program.
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  • 2016 Wingspan Article Submission
    Thank you to everyone who submitted articles and photos for this issue of Wing Span! Wing Span went to print this week and should be delivered soon. We submitted more articles than we ever have and the publisher had great praise for what they received!
    However, due to space limitations, we had so many articles they won't all be published. If you do not see your article in this edition please don't fret! It is already in the lineup for the next issue.
    With summer activities well underway we are asking you to keep notes and photos of your activities to fill the next issue. With Utah Wing Conference, Desert Hawk Encampment XIV, Hill AFB Thunderbirds and so many other activities we should have another great issue to look forward to!
    Our next submittal deadline will be in mid-August, just before school starts up again. If any of our cadets would like to submit articles, please contact your unit's PAO or commanding officer. We would like to hear from our cadets and encourage them to send in publications.

    We would like to hear what activities you have been doing in your units, including participation with other units or Wing activities, any upcoming activities, promotion and achievement announcements (cadets and senior members), if you have any donations or fundraisers to recognize and people to thank for them and any photos you have to go along with these articles. (have a caption with your photo)

    Thank you for all you do to help support the wing with articles.
    Wing Span Requirements/How-to submit
    Please have your articles sent to

    Jenifer Marzo
    Utah Wing Assistant Public Affairs Officer