• Wing Patch Project

  • Members of Utah Wing,

    Col Niedfeldt and I have been working the last few months on updating our Wing Patch.

    To give you some short back ground information, during the last year, two other wings within Rocky Mountain Region (Montana and Idaho) have updated their wing patches. During several meetings with both Region and National command staff, Col Niedfeldt and I were asked when we plan on updating our patch.

    We have been emailing the Director of Heraldry at NHQ since March to get a good idea of what is required to move this project forward.

    We are now at the next step which is to reach out to you and get your input/ideas on what you think the new design should be.

    Below are the rules for any Utah Wing member to submit their ideas. Once those ideas are submitted, we have a committee that will review and make recommendations to the wing commander who will make the final decision.

    So, the rules:

    1. Must conform to the standard USAF wing shield shape patch.  (see attachment)
    2. Must not contain any religious or plagiarized symbolism.

    Some guidelines and advice from the committee when creating and submitting your idea:
    1. No subdued color scheme
    2. No weapons, skull and cross bones, etc...
    3. Should not have specific aircraft representations.
    4. Cannot be a copy (or representation) of an existing military insignia/patch/logo (see rule #2).
    5. You do not need to be a professional graphic designer – submit your idea and if selected, will be professionally ’cleaned up’ prior to being adopted.
    6. “Symbolism” is very important to keep in mind when designing your patch.
    7. Kept in mind that this is for and to represent Utah Wing – and all of its uniqueness.
    8. Design with the intent to inspire esprit de corps and ownership within our Wing.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me direct via email.

    Thanks for all you do for the Wing and Civil Air Patrol.

    LtCol Michael Fernandez, CAP
    Utah Vice Wing Commander
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  • 2016 Wingspan Article Submission
    Thank you to everyone who submitted articles and photos for the last issue of Wing Span! We submitted more articles than we ever have and the publisher had great praise for what they received!
    However, due to space limitations, we had so many articles they won't all be published. If you do not see your article in this edition please don't fret! It is already in the lineup for the next issue.
    With Winter activities well underway we are asking you to keep notes and photos of your activities to fill the next issue.
    If any of our cadets would like to submit articles, please contact your unit's PAO or commanding officer. We would like to hear from our cadets and encourage them to send in publications.

    We would like to hear what activities you have been doing in your units, including participation with other units or Wing activities, any upcoming activities, promotion and achievement announcements (cadets and senior members), if you have any donations or fundraisers to recognize and people to thank for them and any photos you have to go along with these articles. (have a caption with your photo)

    Thank you for all you do to help support the wing with articles.
    Please note, due to some technical issues with our previous yahoo email, all communications, including *Wing Span Articles need to be submitted to

    Wing Span Requirements/How-to submit
    Please have your articles sent to

    Jenifer Marzo
    Utah Wing Public Affairs Officer